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We are an entrepreneurial corporate advisory boutique, providing a range of services to companies and their owners. We share our client's values. Founding and developing a business is an emotionally charged experience, which is why we always stand in your shoes. 

Shared Values

Understanding and sharing our clients' values and aspirations is central to the way Lexington conducts its business. We prefer to avoid a fee driven, 'investment bank' style. Our approach is simple, we understand our customers' needs and align our incentives with them.

Transactional Expertise

Our team brings a combination of deep transactional experience and expert perspective to every client engagement. Lexington takes pride in providing outstanding standards of customer service. The common feature in our relationships is that they are all based on mutual trust.

Creative and Motivated

Lexington is distinguished by its team of creative and motivated people. At the heart of our business is a customer oriented culture. This approach guarantees high performance and customised results. We are energetic in supporting and challenging our clients, in equal measure. 

Measured by our Results

We always focus on results and reject the ordinary. Genuine excellence in customer service is conditioned by a desire to adopt fresh thinking, not limited by traditional boundaries and hierarchies. Our confidence in this approach is reflected in our incentive mechanisms.

Our Services

We work with businesses, entrepreneurs and investors who want experienced professional advice who share the same beliefs and ambitions for success. From strategic advice on growth plans, fund raising, acquisitions and disposals, we add expertise and measurable value.

Big Firm Experience

Our highly experienced team brings a combination of deep transactional knowledge and expert perspective to every client engagement. We have many years of involvement with major transactions and financial assignments. Our secret is to approach every new client with our fresh perspective and avoid standardised off-the-shelf solutions.

The Intimacy of Being Local 

We share our clients' aspirations. The Lexington team works to  understand customers' needs and expectations. Our incentives are aligned with the objectives of the people and organisations we exist to serve - we're in this together.

Our Approach

Lexington approaches every client's requirements with the same consideration as though they are our own. We believe corporate advisors must do more than offer simple advice. We place ourselves in our client's position, understanding your objectives and aligning our incentives accordingly. In short, we work collaboratively to unlock the full potential of your business.

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